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  Implications of social work

The sexual trafficked women and girls is an international and global issue. One of the main source are located in Thailand and South East Asia . Sex tourism is playing more and more an economic role for the Asian countries. The sex tourism is an integral and important part in every national Asian country. Based on these fact, the demand after young girls and women and the circle of sex toursim are continue to rise. Daily human rights are seriously violated.


Our professional ethic code should to require to approach the still unknown work field. First, the women are to be our client here in Western country and second, there are Western men they are travelled to Thailand and South East Asia, who are buy girls and women. The same punter, who go into a brothel, the selfsame persons are travel aimed to South East Asia. Also there are the Traveller, who will be first experiences in the sex tourism.

Fact is, the trafficked women and girls are sold in diverse countries and continents internationally. The social work has to be follow it.  The demand of women and girls in the sex tourism in Asia compels the social worker in Western country our work to expand. The collaboration amongst the social worker in Western country and Asia have to be improved and preocuppied. At to understand the sex industry should to embrace the whole extent of trafficked women and girls. Moreover, the social worker can tap resources and strengths of the international social work community and address the problem of human trafficking on multiple fronts.

Cross Culture is a non-profit organisation, to raise awareness around the issue of the sex industry in Asia in connection with Europe. Sold Sex is big business in Asia. This inform plattform should be inform about sex tourism in South East Asia. Sex tourism in Asia is a phenomenon. Almost everybody knows, of the existence of sex tourism, but who with whom and the implications of the circle of the sex tourism in South East Asia is for the European social worker mostly unknown. It should be added that, in some Asian countries is prositution forbidden and children are protected by law, but coincident don't still yet ratified the UN protocol to combat the trafficking and the sex tourism is an important income source for the current Asian countries. Women rights versus economic.





On one's own account:

The user are probably noticed that I am not English. Whatever, I decided to create this homepage in English, because the literature of human trafficking / prostitution tourism etc. have been mostly published in English language. NGO's, international Organisations, laws and Protocols are only exist in English language. 

When is something wrong written or it makes no sense, please feel free to contact me.  










Most of the concern victims of human trafficking are women and children (more girls as boys). Although definitly more women and girls are the victims of human trafficking is, are spoken in the social work and of the Rights and Law of human trafficking and not of women and girls trafficking.


Human trafficking is a global phenomen, which mostly concern every country in the world. It is marked of sexual exploitation, sex works and similar practices, slavery, forced labour and smuggling and deporting people in other countries or other  region in the own countries. Human trafficking consists of four parts: forced sex work, forced labour, forced marriage and prostitution tourism / sex tourismusThe figures of girls and women in Asia



 It is obviously, because the girls are going younger and for example Thailand, they don’t have enough girls, so are going to buy girls from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and China. If the girls are 18 years old they have been bought to

Cross Culture is a non-profit-organisation, who are informed and would be clear up the prositution tourism in Asia. The aims are: for raise awareness of the prostitution tourism in Asia and that to get more important component in the soical work. Prostitution tourism in Asia is a subject which don't much to talk about in the social work. It doesn't exist estimate figures, how many concern women and children just work in prostitution tourism. The estimate figure related for all four parts of human trafficking. How many concern children and women inner the country as work in the sex industry is not known.


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